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AR Engineers provides Civil/Structural Engineering services for residential, commercial, and industrial building structures including:
♦ Structural Inspections/Reports
To Address Violation Notices from L&I
To Assess structural damages in buildings
To Assess structural conditions of buildings
♦ Structural Designs
Including structural framing consisting of beams/joists and columns (wood, steel, reinforced concrete, and masonry)
Also retaining walls and geo-textile earth-reinforced retaining walls
Also footings, helical pier foundations, underpinnings
Also lateral bracing of buildings
♦ Structural Analysis
Hand calculations
2-D and 3-D finite element models
♦ Inspections and Construction Monitoring
♦ Shop Drawing Review

Design Samples

Retaining Wall Design

Floor Framing Wood Joist Design

Floor Framing Steel Design

Shop Drawing Review Steel Connection Detail

Finite Element Model West End Bridge at Pittsburgh, PA

Photo of West End Bridge at Pittsburgh, PA

3-D AutoCAD Rendering

3-D AutoCAD Rendering

3-D CAD Rendering and Finite Element Model

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